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The official Tumblr of grimly amusing genre writer Nick Bryan, as opposed to all the unofficial ones. Full website at Nick Bryan Dot Com, main current work is the fun detective comedy-drama webserial Hobson & Choi.
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Wicked from the air. Observe the attractive but ultimately pointless dragon.


Steal His Look: Larry Bloom

Waste Management dumpster - $1,987 

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The Vision by Mike Allred

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Still blown away by this cover.

For the first time in the history of my book: MASS PRODUCTION.

Hello. I am doing a podcast in the near future, and am hoping to include some sort of Q&A bit. Since Tumblr already has an question-asking box, this seems a good time to use it. Submit whatever you like to my Tumblr ask page and I will answer it in audio form in the next couple of weeks and post the link here when done.

Anonymous asks turned on until I’m given a reason to turn them off. Questions about writing particularly cool, but happy to take a shot on any topic I can.

All that said - come at me, internet.